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13 January 2011


Jonathan is such a performer. He loves having an audience and already has a way with women... trouble. Every day with a toddler brings something new, be it a new word, a new favorite food or a beloved temper tantrum.

At almost 15 months old I love everything about my toddler, he is sweet and loving, silly and giggly, curious and determined, outgoing and fearless, smart and willing to let me help, snotty nosed and messy faced, running more and walking less - it's not possible to love this guy more than I already do.

Recently Jonathan likes to wave to everyone and everything (pictures of people, animals and trees). He also blows kisses (more like smacks himself in the face)... cute nonetheless. He shakes his head all the time - it started out as his dance move, now he just randomly shakes his head... I wish I knew what he was thinking when he does this. His vocabulary is growing... some of his favorite words right now are "da da" - dad, "ba ba" - bottle, "yight" - light, "kah kah" - cracker, "kuck" - truck, "hot" - and then he blows on whatever is hot, he says "goo" - good when he gets something right and "hi" and then there's the animal noises - lion, cow, dog, cat, monkey, pig and duck are his best sounds. He surprises with me a new skill, sound or word almost daily. Jonathan loves footballs, basketballs, baseballs and soccer balls... and he likes to throw left handed which excites his dad. He hates having his diaper changed - he would do everything naked if he had his way. His appetite changes every day... one day he never seems full and the next day he doesn't seem to eat much at all. On that same note - Jonathan says "mmmm" when he takes a bite of food and when he takes a drink he says "aaahhhh". He loves to eat a whole apple... he will spend an hour devouring an apple. I realize he watches everything we do because he now loves to talk on the phone (mostly on his Elmo cell phone) and he points the remote at the TV... which is sad. He likes to put the keys in the crack of the front door as if he is unlocking the door. One day he actually escaped out the front door AND down the stairs - needless to say there is a latch on the front door now. Swinging at the park next door is a favorite activity, reading the same books over and over is a favorite, sliding down the hall and back in the laundry basket is so fun. We enjoy practicing our "social" laughter - Jonathan already knows how to fake laugh (but he never fake laughs at my jokes - only sincere genuine laughter for his mom). We clap for almost everything and play peek-a-boo even when no one is around. No one could possibly be as ticklish as Jonathan and I've never seen a toddler with an arm like Jonathan's. He loves to fake cry when he trips or bonks or pinches fingers in something and he still loves to be cuddled - which I have no problem with.

I can't wait to see what exciting new developments the next few months bring with them!

But for now enjoy these:

jjo and his cousins Will, Thomas and baby Annie

when we first arrived in slc and jjo saw Will he ran right up to him and gave him a hug... they are best buds and Will is always watching out for Jonathan.

New Year's at the cabin - looking like Randy from A Christmas Story... he couldn't put his arms down

Love this picture

Always getting into mischief - while trying to pack jjo decided to pack himself:-)

Ward Christmas Party on Santa's lap... didn't cry this time

I look awful in this picture because I was sick, but I realize I don't have many pictures of the three of us... hence the goal to take more pics in 2011. This picture was taken in front of the Oakland Temple Nativity.

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Peerys Posse said...

Cute pics!!! It was so great to see you here in the big time place SLC. Thanks for the cafe Rio date and appreciating the throw up and loud kids:) Miss you come home soon!