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02 March 2011

too much to handle

Hello there Mr. Bloggy Blog. I hope you've been ok without me these past few weeks. I've been meaning to visit you, but what can I say... life happens, and blog is sent to the back-burner for a little while. I'm glad to know you are still here though. I have missed you and a lot has happened.

First let me start by saying... me and California are just meant to be. I love that I can take Jonathan to the park in the middle of January. I love that I got a sunburn in February and I love that Spring will actual start in well, the spring! I love that the Giants have been my favorite sports team since birth (ok, the Giants have been Jake's favorite sports team since birth - but we are like one person. I would actually say they have been my favorite sports team since we got engaged in 2007, k?) and we were able to witness the mayhem that was a World Series victory! A few weeks ago (on a gloriously beautiful Saturday afternoon) we headed into the city for the Giants Fanfest at AT&T Park. After sneaking in to see the trophy we weren't able to actually get into the ballpark because so many people showed up. But bless my wonderful husband's heart... he doesn't give up easily and somehow we found the one gate letting people in and made our way inside and on the field... it was so fun to run around right there where out favorite team plays ball. Even Jonathan could sense the excitement of this event and made the most of it. Go Giants! I can't believe I am saying this... but I actually can't wait for the season to start! Is it possible? Has my husband somehow converted me into sports mania? Um, no... I just like going to baseball games (because it means it's summer), eating a hotdog and singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

Now blog, I know what you are thinking... "wow, that sounds like a terrific day!" Well, you are right, but it wasn't over. We decided since it was such a beautiful day and since we'd already thrown a nap for J out the window we might as well keep the party going. We headed to the beach to sink our toes into the sand and chase the waves. Jonathan was a natural at chasing the waves... however he isn't afraid of them yet... which makes a nervous wreck out of me, but fun was had by all!!

The only downside to California winter(s) that I have found is that cold and flu season seems to affect us no matter where we are. If someone could receive an award for longest cold... Jonathan would win. I swear he has had one runny nose after another, then a flu bug and now to top it all off he has an eye infection... probably pink eye, but I hate to call it that. We've spent a lot of time indoors these past two weeks trying to get better. I'll probably throw a mini celebration the day Jonathan no longer has a runny nose. You are invited:-)

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