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08 May 2011

Easter stud

Jonathan is so much fun right now (and by fun I mean he keeps me on my toes at every moment) - and if I attempt to sit down for two minutes you better believe he will eat, rip, throw, splash, or hide anything he can while I'm out of sight. As a family we love heading next door to the park or discovering new places to run around. We love going into San Francisco whenever we can (usually once a week), discovering new-to-us eateries and soaking up every minute of the fabulous weather we experience every day.

My cute friend Jessica took these pictures of Jonathan in the darling Easter outfit his grandma Shauna bought him while she was in town, with the classic bow tie made by Miranda. He looked so cute!!

18 months old


Sam and Jess said...

What a cute little guy!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Those are darling pictures! What a stud!

Brooke said...

He's so cute! You need to blog more . . . and we need to catch up! So jealous Nat and Kaitlin get to see you soon.